Studium Generale and National Talk Shows

at the As-Shahabah Mosque UIN STS Jambi, the Faculty of Ushuluddin and Religious Studies (FUSA) held public lectures and national talk shows. With the theme 'The Existence and Role of Students in the Success of the 2024 Election', this activity was opened directly by the Dean of FUSA, Dr. Dr. Abdul Halim, S.Ag., M.Ag.

By holding Public Lectures and National Talkshows related to the Role of Students in Elections, it can encourage awareness values in the Implementation of Election Democracy, Students as the nation's next generation can become a driving force for changes in the life of society, nation, and state within the framework of a democratic religious law state in the future.

To provide a good understanding, FUSA presented Dr. H. Idham Halik, SE, M.Sc., as a Member of the Indonesian KPU Commissioner accompanied by the Chair of the Jambi Province Bawaslu, Fahrur Razi, S.Sos who is an alumnus of FUSA, Yasril, M.A, the Chairman of Bawaslu Muaro Jambi and his entourage.